Smyth was a near-century-old jewelry store with an aging audience when we started working with them. We changed all that, with more than a decade of advertising that targeted those in their 20s and early 30s. We utilized virtually every medium, from TV and radio to digital banners, a microsite, guerrilla and outdoor.

This particular billboard became iconic in Baltimore. Residents fell in love with the image of Mr. Boh, the National Bohemian character, proposing to the Little Utz Girl, of potato chip fame. It spawned tattoos, artwork and more. By connecting these two Baltimore icons with a third — Smyth — we helped the store become the place “Where Baltimore gets engaged.”


And then we turned that billboard into a TV spot.

Beyond Utz and Boh, we created many additional campaigns.

Smyth Talking Rings 3

Smyth Talking Rings 5

Smyth Talking Rings 2

Smyth Talking Rings 1






This microsite targeted those considering engagement, providing fun advice for where and how to pop the question, suggested music playlists for the Big Moment, real-life engagement stories and more.




Smyth Jewelers



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