I like to create ideas that are big enough to capture the attention not just of the target audience, but the news media, as well. For instance, once we put the entire Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in a city backyard, to symbolize how close people really are to world-class orchestral music. It made for a fun TV spot, but it also landed us on the front page of the next day’s newspaper.

Another example: When I was asked to find a voice for a legendary Baltimore brand, I knew it needed to sound authentically (and uniquely) Baltimore. So I bypassed the usual casting process and launched a city-wide search for “The Voice of Baltimore.” All four of Baltimore’s TV stations, the local newspaper and several radio stations covered the search. I still believe it’s the most news coverage any casting session has ever received.

And then there are those times when a campaign I’m responsible for is interpreted as having larger sociological ramifications. And suddenly, you find yourself being interviewed by The New Republic. For a radio commercial. Crazy.

New Republic JP***

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