Photography is my hobby. It’s also an obsession, and a good example of how I continue to evolve as a content-creator. For several years I’ve roamed the streets of Baltimore, New York, D.C. and L.A., photographing people who don’t usually find themselves in front of the lens. I feature these shots on my Facebook page, “The Uncensored City,” and my Instagram.

I’m happy to say that my work is getting some attention. Two of my photographs were included in an exhibit at the Jordan Faye Contemporary gallery in Baltimore, as well photography shows in Germany and Brazil. The French culture zine Cultiz published this interview with me, discussing the city and the inspiration I draw from it. And The Baltimore Sun profiled me as part of its “Street Photographer” series.

Belvedere tires for website

Little boxer smaller for website

Three generations for website


Chinatown woman

DC homeless

3 on bench

feeling baby

happy man

LA masked man

little girl by bike

NY bald man

smoker on steps


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